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Protect your deck or patio from the heat of a fire pit.

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Choosing the right size DeckProtect

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Typical fire pit resting on deck protector
In General…
It is best to choose a DeckProtect that is slightly larger than the outside footprint of the fire pit legs. We have enough sizes that you should be able to choose one that is very close to the right size. If not, you can contact us to see about getting a custom size. DeckProtect™ is built to be strong enough to support the weight of the fire pit even with the extra weight of logs. The legs may cause a little indentation of the basalt board, but not enough to worry about.
How we build the best system for protecting a deck under a wood burning fire pit.

Sizes for Popular Fire Pits

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Does your fire pit have
THREE legs? Let us know by email. We can make your DeckProtect in the shape of a HEXAGON.

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Images below are courtesy of manufacturer or distributor web sites:,
Illustration of the Breeo X Series 19

Breeo® X Series 19

22.13" diameter at the top
DeckProtect ™  24" Square or Octagon
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Illustraton of the Breeo X Series 24 smokeless fire pit

Breeo® X Series 24

27.5" diameter at the top
DeckProtect ™  Standard 28" Square or 27.5" Octagon
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Illustration of the Breeo X Series 30 wood burning fire pit

Breeo® X Series 30

34.5" diameter at the top
DeckProtect ™  36" Square or 36" Octagon
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Illustration of the Breeo LuxEve smokeless fire pit

Breeo® X Luxeve

36" diameter at the top
DeckProtect ™  36" Square
Breeo X 24 with DeckProtect Octagon on a beautiful patio with a pond
Above: Breeo X Series 24 with DeckProtect 27.5" Octagon on a beautiful patio
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Note about the Solo Stove. The Solo Stove company says that its stove is safe to use on a composite or wood deck when you also order the accessory stand. We ordered a Solo Stove Bonfire with its stand for testing to see if this claim is reliable. In our test, we did not see any damage to composite or wood decking. However, many of our customers order a DeckProtect for extra assurance and peace of mind.
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Solo Stove Ranger

Solo Stove® Ranger

15" diameter
DeckProtect ™  Standard 16" Square
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Photo of the Solo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove® Bonfire

19.5" diameter
DeckProtect ™  Standard 22" square or premium 24" Square or Premium 20.5" octagon
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Photo of the Solo Stove Yukon

Solo Stove® yukon

27" diameter
DeckProtect ™  Standard 28" square or premium 30" Square or Premium 30" octagon. Note: we are now making a 28" octagon for the Solo Stove if you order the 27.5" octagon and email a special request.
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Please send us an email if you have any questions about sizing:
Shop here for the deck protector that is better than any fire pit mat
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DeckProtect logo
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